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Business Credit

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Business Credit Package:

Business credit is such a powerful tool. The process, when done right ensures that your business is structured properly AND affords you the opportunity to scale your business.

We will assist you with establishing your business credit.



This package includes the following:


  • Initial consultation + follow up calls through the process

  • Creating a Dun & Bradstreet profile & establishing tradelines to generate a Paydex score

  • Establishing a tradeline(s) to generate an Experian business score

  • Establishing a tradeline(s) to generate an Equifax small business score

  • Customized strategy/plan to follow post service to prepare for higher tier business products & business funding

  • 3-4 month turnaround time

Real Estate Funding

Our Program is tailored to your funding needs.

We offer a wide variety of fix and flip investment property loans

for real estate investors across the country as they pursue their

real estate investing goals. 

real estatte credit loans finance
real estatte credit loans finance ebook


Personal Credit Repair E-Book: $97.00

We have created this e-Book for the customer who wishes to repair their own credit. Please note, this book is like no other. This book will not only educate you but will take you through the process of repairing your own credit.  We have included several bonuses that will allow you to see results quickly!


Personal Funding E-Book add-on $47.00

Your credit has been restored, now what? Once you have properly restored and structured your credit report, you are now ready for personal funding. In everything you do, you must be strategic. Strategic in the way your credit report is structured. Strategic in the types of products you apply for. This e-book will guide you with actionable steps to take in order to maximize your funding outcomes. The information in this book will allow you to obtain up $60k in personal funding.

real estatte credit loans finance ebook