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QLR ENTERPRISE works with entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve business credit financing.

What You Should Know

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What is Business Credit?

Business credit is credit that is obtained in the name of a business. But one key thing we need to understand about business credit is that it is NOT built on the same credit system personal credit.


Why Do You Need Business Credit?

Business credit is an important tool for any business and can be extremely useful for obtaining funding and maximizing a business owner’s borrowing power.

What Business Credit Can Be Used For?

Business credit can be used for a variety of things, such as office supplies, marketing material, computers, commercial real estate and other expenses related to running a business. This can be especially useful for start-ups or companies whose demand is so high that they can’t afford additional supply to meet the demand due to limited cash on hand. Many businesses who have built a solid business credit rating can also rely on business funding in the case of an emergency or temporary decrease in business.

Business Credit Ratings

Business credit ratings are similar to your personal credit score and are how lenders determine a business’s credit worthiness.

Business credit ratings are tracked by several business credit bureaus, including:

  • Equifax Business

  • Experian Business

  • Business Credit USA


But the one credit bureau that holds the most sway over affecting a business’s overall credit score is Dun & Bradstreet, also known as D&B. D&B is the most widely accepted and trusted tracking agency for business credit scores in the United States.

There are many reasons why your business credit might be reviewed


  • Business loans

  • SBA loans

  • Factoring

  • Commercial real estate

  • Vendor payment terms / lines of credit

  • Investor relationships

  • Potential & existing partnerships

  • Sourcing executive talent

  • Supplier relationships

  • Government bids

  • Competitors looking to gain an advantage

  • And more…

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